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Today we show you one of the basics of a wardrobe, the maxi dress. Essential of this year, where trends such as comfort are mixed, with wide, fresh dresses, straight lines with flown and a lot of movement. Mixing vibrant colors and much fresher, but romantic styles.

What are Maxi Dress dresses

The maxi dress are those long and dreamed garments that allow you to wear a comfortable and elegant look at the same time. Very long dresses with wide lines are essential in a wardrobe. They are very versatile and can help you get out of trouble on more than one occasion.

These garments are almost timeless because you can combine them in a thousand ways and wear them for any occasion. It allows you to create very formal or even informal looks with the right accessories and shoes.

Why are they our favorites?

They became the most desired for their versatility and the possibility of carrying them with almost everything. Most styles adapt to it because it can be combined in a thousand different ways. We will see it in romantic and boho styles, but for the most sports, more casual looks.

You can use them at parties, for work, at home and even to go out with friends or a date. They are essential for the woman who seeks comfort and who leaves her personal mark on accessories and unique details.

The best and worst of Maxi Dress dresses

The qualities of the maxi dress are remarkable, a great versatility to combine them, to use them in different events and very comfortable to use.

A disadvantage for women of smaller build is that they can get lost inside a very long dress. This is not to say that we cannot use them if we measure 1.50. If not that we have to take advantage of them in a better way to enhance our figure.

Tips for the shortest to incorporate it

  1. Marking the waist we will be able to stylize our legs.
  2. Avoid garments with a lot of volume or with very large prints, as it can widen and shorten the figure.
  3. Look for combinations that do not generate strong contrasts in order to avoid visually dividing the body into blocks, which also widens and shortens.
  4. It is advisable to wear heels, but do not deprive yourself of combining them with low shoes and slippers. The tips visually prolong the legs.

How to wear a Maxi Dress?

Undoubtedly, the prints and cheerful tones are the real protagonists of the dresses for the season. The length of these garments and their flight when walking encourage to wear bright colors accompanied by cheerful figures.

But you can also opt for a simpler piece, like our tulip dress and combine it with a denim jacket, leather, or even a blazer. As well as with more urban white sneakers, sandals, ankle boots and even Texas boots.

As for accessories there are many possibilities. From earrings or long and extravagant necklaces, to the use of minimalist jewelry. Scarves too, wallets with original shapes and unconventional hair accessories.

In a post-pandemic world we are ready to be more original, leave our personal mark and wear clothes that make us feel very good about ourselves.

Styles that look in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has a warm and sunny climate all year round and that is why the Dominican woman is prepared for the heat in all seasons. The styles in dresses that are most sought after are the freshest and most elegant.

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I hope you find this brief guide helpful.
Ciao mis Bellas.
Yissel Mejia


August 22, 2021 — Info uptherunway

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