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It is a reality that the economic impact of the pandemic has affected us all. But it also guides us towards a new goal: How to get ahead? The best opportunities can come after a crisis and that has been seen in the fashion world, which has reinvented itself to get ahead.

And it will end up achieving it, with the creation of timeless garments, for various occasions, versatile and above all with the reuse of old pieces that needed to be renewed.

Stay with us and find out how to incorporate this year's trends into your wardrobe, optimizing your budget.

Women's clothing trend this 2021

The silhouettes that you should incorporate into your wardrobe this 2021 are dresses that accentuate the feminine shapes, tight at the waist, which are usually accompanied by short sleeves and with unique touches such as flown. As our 100% cotton plaid dress.

We will also see a lot of asymmetry and ease in the cuts, as well as V-necklines for the front of the garments and for the backs. As our Melinda dress 

Framed necklines for tops and blouses are not far behind.

Another trend that we can not leave aside are the enterizos in denim, as our piece in denim and for the less daring sets of two pieces of jeans work very well.

As long as it is a monochromatic look you can make the most of this trend.

We will see a much fresher romanticism, towards the boho, leaving the comfort, with pieces of great volume and finishes that attract a lot of attention, such as our organza top



The best combinations for 2021

One of the best combinations you will see this year, making exclusive reference to color, is the mixture of pastel roses or oranges also in pastel with touches of mustard color.

An explosive combination for romantic looks but at the same time they end up being very creative with unique details. The touches of mustard color are very original, use them in tops as our option caramella in a fun print 

This year's trends left one hundred percent the comfort of home, to help us go out with a lot of personality to face a post-pandemic world.

How to choose the best colors to wear?

In terms of colors, as marked by this year's situation, it is very broad, since it allows you to experiment, but above all to do it with vibrant colors that enhance your energy.

In the coming seasons we seek to get out of comfort, leave quarantine behind, ready to face a more challenging world, much more powerful, with looks and colors that do not go unnoticed.

Cheer up the colors and play with yellows, greens, blues, pinks, metallics, even rainbow prints that allow you to play with more colorful looks. As a enterizo suit 

Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and have fun with clothes that call you to be more creative. And if you're more traditional, a good colorful blazer works great for more formal looks.

Optimize my clothing budget How can I do it?

You can optimize your wardrobe and use basic garments with some change that transforms it into a piece difficult to forget. Recycling is fashionable. You just have to take a classic garment like a T-SHIRT and add ruffles, some patchwork and even a fabric dyeing technique like tye-dye.



But they do not only talk about using garments that we already had, but about going further and adding blown up or accessories that renew it and make it unique.

So if you have a small budget for your wardrobe, this year you can experiment and start using new sconces and supplies in your garments.

To renew your looks completely, you can make changes to classic garments such as blazers, dresses, skirts, pants or blouses and add them:

  • Manual fabrics
  • Buttons on cuffs
  • Pins with the appearance of handmade
  • Fringes in the finishes of dresses and skirts
  • Ribbons and pompoms.

Betting on a unique style

The pandemic has left us a lesson, never give up, and therefore this is an excellent opportunity to generate an identity and a style of our own incorporating trends.

Take advantage of the reuse of materials to reinvent timeless pieces or garments that have been in your wardrobe for years without leaving. The colors will help you generate impact and the new romantic silhouettes to create fresh looks.

And above all take advantage of the incredible pieces of our store, we are inspired by a fun and feminine woman like you.

And finally do not forget that, although we are used to following trends to the letter, through celebrities and influencers in social networks that inspire us to dress, do not be afraid to take advantage of creating much more genuine looks.

I hope you find this brief guide helpful.
Ciao mis Bellas.
Yissel Mejia
August 15, 2021 — Info uptherunway

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