The style of dress for women is given by many conditions that adapt to each of us according to what we want to define. However, although the magic formula does not exist, there are ways to find that ideal point inside for us.

Want to find that style of dress for you? So here we help you to find that point you need in a simple way.

How do you define a dress style for women?

All women want to look spectacular, unique and stylish. Following all the trends or copying everything we see on social networks does not lead us towards a personal style.

To create our own style of dress we start from garments, accessories, ways of combing our hair and makeup that create our own image and that make a style of dress of our own.

Our style is defined by all those details that create our personal image, that reflect what we think we are and how we feel. This also involves giving another the opportunity to see yourself as you think you see yourself and how you feel.

The key to success in choosing a wardrobe that makes you feel great, it's confidence in your attractiveness and what makes you unique. Blind submission to the requirements of the latest fashion trends is the wrong decision

Different styles for each woman

It is very unlikely that a woman with a more romantic nature will want to wear futuristic style garments with total metallic looks. She will feel much more comfortable in a feminine dress, with ruffles and perhaps floral print.

Meanwhile, a woman with a more daring personality and who likes to push boundaries is likely to incorporate asymmetrical garments with vibrant colors such as metallic.

Two different styles and faithful to the personality of each one.



Collections for me How to choose best?

Choosing a personal style may involve choosing one of all those that exist and can come into existence, or it may mean that you adopt what you like best and feel best.

In general we can characterize 7 styles that are most worn today:

  1. Classic style with timeless pieces, neutral colored shirts, jacket suits, basic and quality garments that combine well with everything.
  2. The sporty style is for sports lovers. They abuse fashion shoes and combine them with sportswear.
  3. The romantic style is very feminine and with a certain retro air. They can easily incorporate ruffles, steamy skirts, gauze blouses and supplements such as rhinestones and embroidery. It is one of the styles that we see most in trends.
  4. The boho style is another trend of the next season. Very Coachella looks are the inspiration for these more refreshing looks.
  5. Another great style is that of the it girls. For those who are looking for the new from stores like Zara and are fascinated by influencers like Olivia Palermo or who are inspired by Carrie Bradshaw looks.
  6. The minimalist style is characterized by simple and elegant looks, following in the footsteps of Coco Chanel.
  7. The grunge style is adopted by those who bet on rebellious, comfortable and casual looks.

Women's Size Guide

So that you can opt for pieces suitable for your body build, then we leave you a universal size guide. Keep in mind that each size varies according to the brand.

tallas de mujeres

A serious and reliable online store has a table of measurements, in which it expresses the detail of each one in centimeters, in this way you can measure yourself and choose the right size for you.

In our store you will find next to our products a link with the size table so you can choose a perfect size with measures in centimeters.

Women's clothing and the 2021 season

For this year we see fresh styles such as boho, with more romantic airs, maximalist details, many prints and vibrant colors. A clear example is the melinda dress from our collection orfor the most traditional the aurora dress 

In the spacious and versatile silhouettes is comfort in all its splendor. How is he straight line piece

As consumers we seek to be comfortable, relaxed, true to ourselves and with the possibility of exercising our freedom without restrictions.

Do not miss the opportunity to leave your personal mark at every step and experiment with the trends of the next season, without following them to the letter, but you can take what inspires you and leave your personal mark. Enter our collection to be inspired and create a unique look.

I hope you find this brief guide helpful.
Ciao mis Bellas.
Yissel Mejia
August 30, 2021 — Info uptherunway

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