Little by little we are returning to the "normality" of the new era and with it, we must take on a new challenge with new trends that bring with them the need to find new work clothes for women.

This search for work clothes for women leads us to many questions that we will try to answer here so that you face this new challenge looking in the best possible way.

Women's workwear What can I wear according to my position?

In a work and professional environment, clothing is a communication tool, which reinforces a message according to what we want to achieve, the position we have, how we take care of ourselves and present ourselves to others.

First impressions are important and that is why for women, dressing appropriately, that is compatible with our ideals, our identity and that reflects at the same time our position is a challenge.

We must bear in mind that our image and the impression we convey greatly influences our customers, suppliers or co-workers and superiors.

The care of the personal image is very important, however, it is not exhausted in the wardrobe, it must accompany adequate hygiene and aspects such as body language, self-confidence and the attitude with which we face the world.

Currently, mandatory quarantines have imposed new ways of working, contact with other people occurs through screens, with full days in video calls and with it the rules of clothing change.

The dress code, whatever the field in which we operate, has become more flexible. Particularly, companies know that people are more productive when they are comfortable to work and even more, working in homes has imposed greater freedom.



Back to the office: How to show off at work?

Our mindset has changed with the pandemic and this is related to the fact that we have all been working from home for a long time. Enough so that when we return to the new normal, everything will be quite different.

For women, notions of work clothes have been transformed. There are two key trends, comfort and the desire to break structures. We all want to be comfortable with what we're wearing and now that we know it's possible, I don't think we can go back.

Leaving aside heels, tight clothing, marked, cardboard and cold silhouettes are no longer popular. In order to satisfy an era of remote work in which more casual clothing is preferred over clothing and tailored suits.

During the early days of the pandemic, office blouses were the best sellers. With the return to the streets the pants that seem made to measure are the most requested, to the point that the most requested are as comfortable as the sports pants.

Colors for the office: What can I use?

Traditionally, in the office or in any other work and professional environment, it is styled to use neutral colors, more muted, with classics such as black, white, grays, navy blue and brown tones.

Some more relaxed people were concerned about varying these shades by incorporating colorful accessories, slightly more unstructured shapes, with combinations that allowed to reflect their identity and their differentiation from the rest.

With the pandemic, we were all able to explore greater creativity, greater spaces of freedom when dressing, according to our humor and the desire to get out of the routine.



In a post-pandemic world, while we can continue to use the classic office colors, today perhaps we are more encouraged to leave our personal mark with more striking styles and colors, which highlight our own personality and without overshadowing our professional skills.

We can even incorporate those colors that are in trend, such as pastel pinks, oranges and mustard details. Or those more vibrant and cheerful colors, such as greens, yellows, metallic details and prints in rainbow colors. A good option is nuestro top that you can combine with more formal pants

Pieces that reflect a little more who we really are. Enter our store to see a little more!

Ideal clothing for the boss

Relieving the pressure that women feel to dress is an aspect that we should enhance, in the long term it generates greater well-being and confidence to present themselves to others in a more relaxed way.

It is essential to get to dress for yourself, without losing sight of the fact that we must communicate a care of ourselves and a responsibility for the position we play as a boss.

It is refreshing for women to be able to be themselves and that this does not have a bad time in the professional field. Trying to dress in more comfortable, soft and comfortable clothes can allow us to develop more creatively and develop our professional skills.

September 06, 2021 — Info uptherunway

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